Style with a twist for wheelchair fashion

by Splittbacks

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Welcome To Active Adaptive by Splittbacks

Thanks for joining us in our 'corner' of the World Wide Web.

Active Adaptive is an Australian 'born and bred' family business based in Sunny Queensland... well, sunny most of the time. Splittbacks started manufacturing in 1993 creating clothing for Aged Care by Carol. Recreated in 2008 with Narelle and Victoria, Splittbacks extended their range to include younger generations needing customised clothing. From 2013, Narelle began the journey of creating ActiveAdaptive clothing and accessory range for outdoors and corporate wear for people who use wheelchairs for mobility. Today, ActiveAdaptive by Splittbacks designs custom clothing and accessories for clients across Australia and overseas.

Splittbacks Classic range of garments including the originally designed split back pants and the overlapping back flaps of tops and nightshirts still remain today, a tribute to Carol for her designing techniques and foresight. All garments have small adaptive changes to regular looking clothes, easily accessible for hard to move limbs. This makes dressing easier for the wearer and if needed the carer too, aiding dignity and comfort.

ActiveAdaptive's range of accessories are designed for people who use a wheelchair for mobility to aid in their independence and live an active life. All garments are created with the latest fashion styles in mind, using contemporary designs with a small twist for functionality. Active Adaptive is open for your input and ideas to create a more personal touch to your clothing and accessories.

In addition to our clothing and accessory ranges, Active Adaptive also offers repair and refurbishment services for wheelchair upholstery, cushions and personal treasured clothing items.

The wheelchair accessories manufactured by ActiveAdaptive were designed and inspired by the Spinal Injuries Unit, Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

ActiveAdaptive would like to thank the Austin and Talbot Health Departments Melbourne, Victoria Australia and the Spinal Injuries Unit, Princess Alexandra Hospital for their inspiration in accessories that are available from this website.